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Latest Work

I have created and worked on several different projects in the past and here are some of the most recent clients. Including a wide range from personal portfolios, websites for local business and blogs about traveling and the art world.

My work is built on modern frameworks such as React and Gatsby, but you will also find a variety of websites built on the popular open-source Content Management System (CMS) Wordpress written in PHP.

Alex Kerr

Alex Kerr, a Japanologist, based in Kyoto, Japan has spent most of his life in Asian and engaged in many different fields of work.

The design of his website focused on the ability to include his 40 years of experience in these different fields from traditional house restoration to the art of calligraphy and present them in a concise and understandable way to the visitor.


ATYKOSM stands for Atsuyuki Ōshima, a nature and animal photographer based in Kyoto Japan. With a focus on presenting high quality images, this project's challenge was to ensure performance while keeping image quality and quantity.

We settled for a technology that allows user to view images, while other images are being loaded in the background resulting a in a seeming-less and user-friendly experience.

Chihiro Hori

Being a freelance translator and interpreter, Chihiro Hori was looking for something that would not only provide information about her work, but also communicate a feel of professionality and accessibility to her clients.

Our goal was for the client to easily understand what it is that she does and then be only a click away to reach her. With this idea in mind, we settled for a one-page layout using a bronze colour scheme.

t.f.b.s - Telgte

"Training - Fortbildung - Beratung - Supervision" is a consulting company based in Telgte, Germany with which I have been involved with for a number of years.

With Covid affecting business all around the world, one of the most recent changes has been including the functionality for users to make consulting appointments and call through the website as direct contact has been reduced to a minimum.

ImpressionistArts & Co.

ImpressionistArts & Co. is a blogging framework focused on ease-of-us that I developed earlier this year to edit and publish content using Netlify CMS and Gatsby as static site generator (SSG).

The client needed a framework that would be reusable and run his different blogs with focus on performance and SEO optimisation.

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Lars Behrenberg