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Freelance Website Developer

Lars Behrenberg

Your website is the digital brochure and a potential storefront of your business. I create bespoke Fullstack websites from the front-end designs to the outstanding backend capabilities which become fully customisable for any ability of the user.

Beautiful websites are what I do best, coding in range of languages including HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and working with popular frameworks like React, WordPress and Gatsby I can create a space for you to grow your business and share your success.

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What My Clients Say About My Work


Working with a large range of interesting clients from different backgrounds and areas I have been able to develop an awareness of the importance of getting projects right and understanding customer needs to deliver a project within budget and scope.

Here is one of my more recent clients and what he had to say about his project.


Chihiro Hori

Medical Translator & Health Advisor

"Lars has been a great find and took a lot of my shoulders with designing and developing my online presence. This really helped me in also developing my business as a brand and allowed me to focus on my specific services.

He exceeded my expectations and gave me the feeling I could trust him with his judgement and also delivered great results. I would recommend Lars to anyone without a doubt."

User-Focused Design

Unique, bespoke designs for your website with special focus on usability, responsiveness and eye-catching animations. I create websites that bring you and your customer closer to together with design that represents you and your business.

The first stage of creating a bespoke website is to plan and design a mockup in Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop and many other tools. With which we can then discuss and adjust your personal & unique design before we get into the development stages.

Front-End Development

No two businesses are built the same whether that is online or in person, and that is also consistent with my websites. I take your concept and design a bespoke, functional interface that users can interact with and navigate through with ease.

Your website becomes your own space on the web representing what you do. I am an expert in HTML, CSS, SCC and Javascript, and also often use React and Gatsby as my tech stack.

Back-End Development

With back-end development everything comes together. Whether this means creating a custom Content Management System (CMS) for you to change your website on your own, or setting up the server to put out your bespoke up on the web.

I most use Node.js these days as my tech stack, but through my time using Wordpress am also an expert in PHP.

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Lars Behrenberg